Wow. Can you think of a better time or industry to be in than healthcare? There’s constant change, cutting edge technologies that save and/or improve lives, and incredible leadership. Carol Friesen, chair of the HFMA National board has set her theme to be “Where Passion meets Purpose”. Those of us serving in this industry know that there has to be passion in order to achieve results that matter.

Our leadership attended the Leadership Training Conference in Phoenix in April. We met as a group and set goals for the chapter year. We determined the direction we wanted our mini-leadership training conference to take this year. We held our mini-LTC in June at the Flying Tee in Tulsa. Several of you attended and can attest that this meeting was very productive as we further determined goals for our members and education events that we want to achieve this year and in future years.

As we enter this year we have some exciting and new things that we are doing as a chapter. We willl host two one-day meetings in July. One meeting will take place at Integris in Oklahoma City and the other will take place at St. John Medical Center in Tulsa. We’ll have our 4th annual Red River meeting with the Lone Star Chapter on September 28th and 29th at the Tanglewood Resort in Lake Texoma. Our January meeting will be held at the newly renovated/constructed River Spirit Casino in Tulsa on January 18th and 19th. Our annual meeting will take place April 11th thru 13th at the Sheraton in downtown Oklahoma City.

We have sent out a survey asking our membership to provide us insight into the educational events and speakers that most interest you. Be looking out for emails, mailings, and personal phone calls to engage you in our chapter. We need fresh perspectives and ideas to keep our chapter heading in the right direction. We will also take on the great task of creating a three-year strategic plan this year. We will be inviting several members to participate in this venture.

We have a lot to accomplish this year as a chapter and each one of you are important to helping see us thru to fruition. Please join me and the board as we venture into some new territories this year as well as keeping what makes our chapter successful.


Anne Adams, CPA
President, OHFMA